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235 Mint Strong (Fortementa) (£15.29 per kg)
235 Mint Strong (Fortementa)
235N Mint Strong C.N. (Fortementa) (£15.29 per kg)
235N Fortementa C.N. (Strong Mint, Natural Colour) 3kg

308 Elenka Topping Coffee 1kg

Zero VAT Item. – Keeps on gelato, does not freeze


Coffee flavoured topping sauce

Comes in 1 lt handheld bottle and available in a range of other flavours, incl. Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate

The perfect topping for your Ice cream Sundae, Suitable for decorating your Napoli, these sauces are so rich in texture your can also use them to ripple through your gelato

This topping is a semi solid product that does not solidify/freeze at low temperatures

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